Integrations & Collaborations

Space for conversations about integrative and collaborative practice for employment & business disputes.


Three States of Accord (and its Opposite) Andrew C. Wood 12 August 2018

Close up of Business people shaking hands, finishing up meeting, business etiquette, congratulation, merger and acquisition concept

Work that is done in rehabilitating parties’ terms of business, requires us to reflect on the nature and quality of agreement (and its opposite). Whilst we are often taught that agreement is good and that disagreement is to be avoided, adopting an accord-centred approach may allow us to reflect a little more deeply.


Towards Collaborative Contracting Andrew C. Wood 10 September 2016

Tiger Smelling FlowerA contract is not a document; it is a particular type of legal relationship that we have power to create and to shape to meet our needs and objectives. The Recruiters Casebook deepens its exploration of alternative collaborative approaches to contracting because what we put into our contracts says a lot about the relationship that we will get out of them.


15 Camels + A Little Kindness Andrew C Wood 21 July 2016

Camel 2A story from my mediation training – more years ago than I care to remember! It is retold here for children …or perhaps for grown-ups who have retained a sense of kindness and surprise…


After your scale of fees and expenses and a fair description of your services, your dispute resolution clause might just be the most important thing in your terms of business Andrew C. Wood 6 April 2016

FighterI’m regularly asked to advise on terms of business for the supply of many different types of employment services.  Approaching the matter conservatively, I generally like to see sophisticated and robust provisions that cover many different eventualities. But that leads to complexity; and complex documents can be difficult to use.

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