Australian Labour Hire Licensing: "Power-Up"!

Fri 18 Dec at 10:00 am AEDT (90 minutes)

Australian Labour Hire Licensing “Power-Up” – Ask-me-anything!

Here’s a chance to ask me anything about the Australian labour-hire licensing schemes before the Victorian Labour Hire Authority’s “Grace Period” ends on 31 December.

That’s right! You might still be able to get your application lodged and continue to provide labour-hire services even though you missed the 29 October cutoff. But note! There are some conditions, and mere freedom from prosecution might not solve all the difficulties you’ll face.

So why not post your questions (or vote up the ones you’re interested in) in the comments section below!

And you can register for the Australian Labour Hire Power-Up here.

Questions so far…

(Add your own or vote-up your favourites) in the comments section below)

  1. Do you have a reliable method for determining if an agency needs a labour-hire licence? If so, what is it? (Yes. I asked this one and I intend to answer it!  2/12/19)
  2. Can you explain how the Victorian deemed worker regulations operate for cleaners? What are the traps? (OK. No point hiding it. I asked this one too!. 2/12/19)
  3. Can Geelong win the 2020 Premiership? (Charles Cameron, CEO RCSA). Well, Charles, I think we all know the answer to that!



Andrew C. Wood


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