Seven Great Learning Opportunities with WorkAccord in December

Christmas learningHere’ are seven professional learning opportunities with WorkAccord through December – some free, some paid.

1. Tuesday TalkAbout #8 (Free webinar) (Completed)

Tue 03 Dec 8:30 am AEDT (30 minutes)

Industry Certification Schemes as Regulatory Licensing Alternatives

Can industry certification schemes be viable alternatives to statutory licensing schemes? We discuss different types of certification schemes and consider their pros and cons as regulatory alternatives. In doing so, we’ll also look at Regulatory Impact Statement that supported the Victorian licensing scheme to see how it worked. What assumptions were made? Were they correct? How might a federal RIS and outcome differ?

This will be a valuable session for anyone who is engaged or interested in labour-hire industry policymaking.

2. Whistleblower Policy Bootcamp – ($88 Early Bird registration still available to 02/12/19; Regular registration $180) (Completed)

Fri 06 Dec at 10; 30 am AEDT (100 minutes) (Completed)

Whistleblower Policy Bootcamp – Strengthen your Knowledge

Public companies, Large private companies, and Trustees of superannuation entities must have whistleblower policies in place by 1 January 2020. Even though other companies don’t have to have a policy, the whistleblower protections apply to all companies regardless of size.

Our Bootcamp is designed for participants who need to have (or would benefit from) a whistleblower policy and want to know where to start.

You will learn about the whistleblower disclosure protections and the requirements for a policy that complies with the regulatory guidance provided by ASIC We’ll also cover some of trickier aspects – e.g. authorising your industry association to receive disclosures and integrating your whistleblower policies with codes of professional conduct and other responsibilities.

You might also be interested in our “Sandbox” and “Power-Up” sessions on Whistleblower Policies – all designed to put you in control to meet your 1 January 2020 compliance target.

3. Tuesday TalkAbout #9 (Free webinar) (Completed)

Tue 10 Dec 8:30 am AEDT (30 minutes)

Freelance Platforms New idea or New technology?

You might have a view about whether freelance platforms present a threat to the industry or whether they are part of the industry. But have you ever looked into their terms and conditions to see how they run and where they fit within the industry? We discuss actual examples of some freelance platform terms and conditions to see how they operate and why they are different from your usual terms and conditions.

4. Whistleblower Policy Sandbox- ($88 Early Bird registration to 09/12/19; Regular registration $180)

Fri 13 Dec at 10; 30 am AEDT (90 minutes)

Whistleblower Policy Sandbox- Test your Design

Our Sandbox session follows on from our earlier Bootcamp and is designed for participants who’ve been working on their whistleblower policy (or are about to) and want to test or get feedback on their design ahead of the commencement date on 1st Jan 2020. You don’t have to have completed the Sandbox session to register for this webinar, but we think it would help.

Register for the Sandbox here.

5. Tuesday TalkAbout #10 (Free webinar)

Tue 17 Dec 8:30 am AEDT (30 minutes)

Piece Rates: Explained

We discuss piece rates under some common awards and consider how to manage risk when applying them. What do courts look for? How can you get that sort of information from your clients? How can you protect yourself against underpayment claims? Some labour hire firms have recently received commendation from the FWO for the diligent work they have been doing to improve performance in this area. What could you do to get amongst them?

Register for Tuesday TalkAbout #10 here

6. Australian Labour Hire Licensing “Power-Up” – ($88 Early Bird registration by  13/12/19; Regular registration  $180)

Wed 18 Dec at 10:00 am AEDT (90 minutes)

Australian Labour Hire Licensing “Power-Up” – Ask-me-anything!

Ask me anything about the Australian labour hire licensing schemes before the Victorian Labour Hire Authority’s “Grace Period” ends on 31 December. That’s right! You might still be able to get your application lodged and continue to provide labour-hire services even though you missed the 29 October cutoff. But note! There are some conditions and mere freedom from prosecution might not solve all the difficulties you’ll face.

So, here’s a chance to “power-up” with information targetted to your specific questions. We’ve set up a landing page and are inviting questions in advance so that you can add your own, or vote up the questions that grab your interest.

Register for the Australian Labour Hire “Power-Up” here

7. Whistleblower Policy “Power-Up”- ($88 Early Bird registration by  13/12/19; Regular registration  $180)

Wed 18 Dec at 12:00 pm AEDT (90 minutes)

Whistleblower Policy “Power-Up”- Ask-me-anything!

Some of you might still be working (like Santa’s elves!) over the Christmas holiday break to get your whistleblower policies in place for 1 January 2020. WorkAccord is sticking around to lend a hand, having worked on the RCSA  Code Guidance Note and accompanying Whistleblower Policy Template.

This “Power-Up” webinar is an ask-me-anything style session designed to round out your knowledge from the earlier Bootcamp and help you put the finishing touches to the policy you might have developed in our Sandbox – all in time to knock off for a well-earned break!

We’re setting up a landing page and will be inviting questions in advance so that you can add your own, or vote up the questions that grab your interest. 

Register for the Whistleblower Policy “Power-Up” here

You can check out the status of WorkAccord’s Tuesday TalkAbout Spring 2019 program here. Most of the sessions have been completed and archived. But don’t worry. We’ve recorded on-demand versions that we can still make available at a very modest cost. And Tuesday TalkAbout will be returning with a new Summer 2020 program in January. So, stay tuned…

Andrew C. Wood

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