Post-Law Day #25: Identity crisis?

One of the things I enjoy to do is to read aloud. At the moment, I’m reading Diana Wynne Jones’ “Year of the Griffin”. I had to chuckle when I came across this priceless passage, which spoke directly to my post-law transition.

“Are you a fighting griffin then?” Elda asked.

“Not really,” said Flury.

“A lawyer then?” said Elda.

“Not particularly,” said Flury.

After the chuckle, it came to me that DWJ is inviting us to appreciate that knowledge, skills, and experience developed in one field can, with a little imagination and magic, be applied in another… and with a fresh perspective.

What a wonderful thought! That we can be not particularly a lawyer. I think that’s what I am becoming. Would that there were more of us!

Staying resolute

Tiger Smelling Flower

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