Post-Law Day #24: Reflective Practice

Great news! Last week our Competition Regulator issued its final determination granting authorisation to a Code for Professional Conduct & Grievance Intervention Guidelines, which I was asked to design.

I’m especially pleased because the Code & Intervention Guidelines adopt a “Kindness by Design” approach that encourages professional conduct rather than an approach that merely detects and punishes professional breaches.  Looking forward to writing further about this…

Attended a Resolution Institute webinar on reflective practice & debriefing conducted by Mieke Brandon. Interesting discussion on how contemporary mediation might have shifted its focus from “doing” to “being”.

I’ll now follow up Lang, M. (2019) Guide to Reflective Practice in Conflict Resolution to investigate the discipline of reflective practice and how it might be applied to dispute resolution and professional conduct grievance work that I’m doing.

Still resolute

Businessman & Newspaper



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