Post-Law Day #6: Capability, Community & Emergence

…where community ended, law began.

At the end of my first post-law work week, my reading has brought me to Jerold S.  Auerbach’s 1983 summation of John Humphrey Noyes’ understanding of the difference in values and methods that marks a progression from Community to Law.*

To me, the Noyes progression seems a bit dark – i.e. one moves towards Law as Community breaks apart.

So, I’m wondering if it also works the other way – whether the recovery of Community requires, in some measure, a retreat from Law. And if so, what skill set is indicated for the encouragement and emergence of a professional community.

That’s something for me to think about because this weekend I’m needing to write my own post-law capability statement and design the governance & procedures framework for a professional conduct support programme.

Work didn’t end when I transitioned to post-law; it just brought fresh challenges!

  • Auerbach J. S. (1983) Justice Without Law? Oxford University Press, New York, p.53.

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