Post-Law Day #5: Pulling together threads of positive change…

Looking forward to pulling together a few threads of my first Post-Law week, today and over the weekend.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to sit in on a webinar presented by Peter Adler and Nina Harding about the use of mediation in organisational planning. Peter spoke about mediating a “meta-negotiation between status quo and change” and “facilitating grown-up conversations”.

I also followed up an invitation to join the #equityatwork Social Room and checked out an interview between Jeremy Scrivens and Ultimate Software Intern, Maria Gabriela Corral, in which Jeremy posed the question:

“What is one thing you would love to change in a positive way in the work you see and the life you see around you?”

The subtle integration of life and work in that question is crucial.

I’m tempted to want to name the Big 3: World Peace, Eradication of Poverty… (add your own).

But I wonder if I’d be better off starting with something smaller. Something about listening and learning…

I’m carrying that thought forward over the next few days, as I put the finishing touches to some learning resources for the recruitment & staffing industry and ponder the opportunities for positive change within an emerging profession and, closer to home, in my own transition to Post-Law.

Staying Resolute

Businessman & Newspaper

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