Post-Law Day #4: Learning Resources

My post-law transition seems to be evolving into something that is more about leading discovery and encouraging learning than about giving advice.

Spent yesterday usefully working on the commercial collective bargaining project. Really enjoyed being able to present WorkAccord’s discovery level webinar on the ACCC’s proposed class exemption for CollectiveBargaining and what it might mean for the recruitment & staffing industry in Australia. Don’t worry if you missed it! Tickets for the recorded presentation will remain on sale to 31 July 2019.

Today I’ll be working on more learning resources. I’m aiming to cover labour hire licensing applications and whistleblowing changes.

I’d love to hear about your preferred learning engagement formats: Webinar? Workshop? YouTube? Video Meeting? Old-School Lecture? Something else? Nothing…?

Actually, no… Nothing would be a problem!

Staying Resolute

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