Post-Law Day #3: Collective Bargaining, Synchronicity & #equityatwork

After an early start this morning to watch the first half of the FIFA Women’s World Cup semi-final match between England and USA – no spoilers please, watching the second half via replay – later I’ll be presenting WorkAccord’s discovery level webinar on the ACCC’s proposal for a Collective Bargaining Class Exemption.

The class exemption will create a safe harbour from competition (anti-trust) laws and will allow small businesses to collectively bargain with their clients and suppliers.

It will also allow contractors and freelancers to collectively bargain with their agencies, clients and gig platforms in pursuit of an agenda similar to the one that seems to be taking shape in NYC according to evidence taken in the course of new initiatives building on the success of New York City’s Freelance Isn’t Free Act.

Now, maybe things do happen for a reason and at their right time. Yesterday, I was invited by Jeremy Scrivens, whose work I’ve observed for some time, to join the  #equityatwork Social Room.

It seemed to be one of those synchronous moments that you hear about occasionally – moments when several things you’re thinking about all align. You’ve got to grab those moments. I’ve said, yes.

So, this afternoon is given over to finding out as much about this fascinating “people first” movement as I can and doing some deep reflection on how it fits with my transition to “post-law”.

Staying resolute

Businessman & Newspaper


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