Post Law Day #1

Day #1 of my transition from life as a legal practitioner. So far not vastly different. Two things are a bit different though:

  • Building a new reading list – focusing on informal justice (Jerold Auerbach, 1981), value network analysis (Verna Allee, 2008), conscious contracting (Linda Alvarez, 2013 ),  nonviolent communication (Marshall Rosenberg, 2015),  structured negotiation (Lainey Feingold, 2016), and plenty more in the J. Kim Wright global integrative law movement (J Kim Wright, Lawyers as Changemakers, 2016).
  • Writing a submission to the ACCC on collective bargaining for small business and independent contractors under the Competition & Consumer Act.

Those two items are related, by the way. Spending time to discover precisely how!

Businessman & Newspaper

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