Gigging with Andy …Starting at A$7.38

Day 1 Sunday, April 7 2019 (morning)

I’ve decided to undergo a Gig Economy Immersion.

Great! So now what do I do?

The ad says “Starting at 7.38”.

What? Is that the time? It’s past that already.

No. It’s the price of your first gig!

Better do some research!

Done that. Don’t want to kill the enthusiasm with over-analysis. So, I’ve checked that Mercury is not retrograde and that the Moon is not VoC.  Should be OK then.

I’ve also read an online review of the three top gigging platforms and decided to try two of them – for legitimate purposes of scientific comparison of course.

Fiverr and Upwork are getting a tryout – because I’m intrigued by all the sellers on Fiver offering legal documents starting at A$7.38 and I’m tempted by Upwork’s promise of greater rewards.

Just on the point of pricing, my head is hurting as I think about stepping away from 30 years of hourly billing for legal advice, charged in 6-minute units.

But here’s the thing…for my Gig Economy Immersion, I’m not going to be selling legal advice.

What am I going to sell? (Note my optimism, I actually think I am going to get to sell something and maybe get paid for it too!)

I’ve asked my sons, but so far the only responses I’ve got are:

“?” (Son X).

“Can you proofread my essay?” (Son Y).

[laughs] (Son Z).

Colleen is smiling (benignly I think).

So I need to think about what I’m going (to offer) to sell. I’m determined to come up with a product idea this evening.

A name for the journal

Oh! And I’ve thought of a name for my journal: “Gigging with Andy“.

Who’s Andy? It’s me. I’m sort of undercover.

That’s it for now.

Stay tuned!




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