Victorian Labour Hire Licensing: Managing Adverse Outcomes

Medieval Relief Of St George And The Dragon

“By George! I think he’s got it. Must have been to the Up-Close & Personal Masterclass!”

With Victoria’s labour hire licensing scheme starting on 29 April, some industry participants may be contemplating the possibility of adverse outcomes – either for themselves or even with the aim of creating them for someone else – Heaven forbid!

In this, the second masterclass in WorkAccord’s inaugural “Up-close & Personal” series, I’ll be discussing in detail the range of adverse outcomes, their likely causes, and how to manage them.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the scope and effect of “adverse outcomes”
  • Learn how to formulate an objection and how to respond to one
  • Identify where objections might come from – and develop a counter-strategy
  • Discover the alternatives to outright refusal of an application
  • Understand licence conditions and how they can be used to your advantage
  • Learn how to get information and challenge adverse decisions and conditions
  • Plan for a “worst case” scenario.

You can find out more about the masterclass at our Eventbrite registration page.

I hope to see you there!

Andrew C. Wood

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