Queensland’s Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017: Accommodating the Ridiculous?

I had to have a chuckle, when I read the reporting requirements of cl 31 (2) (i) and (j) of Queensland’s new Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017. Those paragraphs require labour hire services providers to give some pretty detailed and possibly intrusive information about their workers’ accommodation and other mundane arrangements.

Keep in mind that a “relevant worker” could be someone who lives at home, or with a relative in another location in order to undertake the work. The relevant worker could even live in a boarding school, or other student accommodation.

Also keep in mind that the reporting that’s required under paragraph (i), unlike paragraph (h), is not limited to accommodation supplied in connection with the provision of labour hire services. That might be a drafting oversight; but we can only go with what we’ve been given.

So, just for a bit of fun, I had a go at compiling a questionnaire from those paragraphs and thought about what the answers might have been, had our young people found work through a labour hire provider whilst they were living at home. (Caveat: I checked this out with their Mum and have her approval that what follows would be pretty accurate!)

Let’s assume that the labour hire provider, who has to make this report, knows that the relevant worker lives at home – a reasonable assumption to make.

[CL. 39(2)(i)] Is the licensee aware of accommodation provided by another person to the relevant workers? YES

If yes, to the best of the licensee’s knowledge—

  • Who provided the accommodation? THE RELEVANT WORKER’S PARENTS
  • What is the address of the accommodation? THEIR HOME ADDRESS
  • Did relevant workers pay a fee for the accommodation? HE MIGHT HAVE PAID SOME BOARD. IS THAT A FEE?
  • How many relevant workers used the accommodation? ONE

[Cl. 39(2)(j)] Were any other services provided to the relevant workers by the licensee or, to the best of the licensee’s knowledge, by a person to whom a relevant worker was supplied? Examples of other services— meals, transport:  YOU’D BEST ASK HIS MUM.  HE DID HAVE A PACKED LUNCH EACH DAY AND HIS SHIRTS WERE CLEAN AND IRONED.  ALSO, HIS DAD DROPPED HIM OFF AT WORK AND PICKED HIM UP.  SO, PERHAPS NOT?

Can’t wait to see what happens, when the Chief Executive gets that report!

Maybe they’ll iron out the wrinkles before it gets that far.

Ironing 2

Andrew C. Wood

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