Managing the grey areas…

THE RECRUITERS’ CASEBOOK contains a selection of musings, rants, and insights from Andrew C. Wood about regulation and professional conduct in the world of employment, recruitment and staffing industry law.

Andrew worked 11 years as a barrister at the Tasmanian Independent Bar; more than 25 years as a solicitor (20+ as a partner in a law firm and sole practitioner); University teacher in Employment Law and Public Sector Employment Law & Policy units in postgraduate law programmes.

Andrew retired from legal practice on 30 June 2019 to concentrate full time on post-law mediation and dispute resolution.

“Post-law” practice aims to reframe conflict and build accord without recourse to law, legal rules, or legal processes. It links more to the pull of community and relationship than to the push of State and power. It finds affinity with commercial and social norms and professional standards rather than with tribunal processes and regulations. It is issue-focused rather than claims-focused.

Specialties: Recruitment Industry Regulation; Privacy; Sustainable Employability, Workforce Public & Corporate Governance (including competition/consumer regulation). I have designed professional conduct and bargaining regimes that have been authorised on public benefit grounds by the ACCC.

Focus Projects:

  • Developing models for the effective regulation of auxiliary supply chain labour that begin with the assurance of good workforce and value network governance.
  • Designing and advocating for  a “kinder” model of professional conduct regulation that focuses on identifying the professional-thing-to-do and assisting professionals to do it, rather than simply punishing them when they don’t.
  • Promoting and supporting acquisition of “a reasonable knowledge” of  legal compliance topics that impact recruitment and staffing agencies’ operations.

Nothing published on this site should be taken as being legal advice. Legal advice should be sought from a qualified Legal Practitioner,who is familiar with the law and its context and who is entitled to practise in your jurisdiction. It should be sought on the basis of detailed and clear instructions that you would give to your Legal Practitioner.

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