Because the law is a grey area…

H.R. & RECRUITERS’ CASEBOOK contains a selection of musings, rants and insights from Andrew C. Wood, Hon. FRCSA (Life); MIACP* about law and professional practice in the world of H.R & recruitment.

Andrew is a Barrister in private practice at the Tasmanian Independent Bar in Hobart. He teaches Employment Law and Public Sector Employment Law & Policy in the Masters of Law program at QUT in Brisbane.

Specialties: Recruitment Industry Regulation; Law of work (including employment, recruitment and labour on-hire law); Privacy Law; Law of Public & Corporate Governance (including competition law).

Focus Projects:

  • Developing models for the effective regulation of auxiliary supply chain labour that begin with the assurance of good workforce value network governance.
  • Developing a model of collaborative legal practice for use in resolving relationship-rich business disputes such as partnership, franchise and shareholder disputes, contracted service supplier transitions and disruptions.



*Member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

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